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Shooting in Qinghai with Chinese producer Jin

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

This will be the second time that I collaborate with Producer Jin. Around 7 years ago, I found myself playing the lead in his film, Ami Chogbo. It's the story of China's national cycling team that compete at the Asian 'Tour de France', a cycle race in Qinghai and Gansu province. I played Pierre, a foul-mouthed, overly competitive French coach who struggles to fit into the Chinese way of doing things.

It was an awesome experience shooting around Qinghai Lake. It's certainly one of China's most stunning locations as you can see.

Murray Clive Walker shooting the Tibetan film Ami Zoubu in Qinghai

Murray Clive Walker doing a bizarre Tibetan ritual in Ami Zoubu

My character participated in some rather unique Tibetan traditions. Can't remember what this was called, but these kids definitely had my measure.

We got rained on with a fire truck for half the day. And sitting on a cold rock for that period wasn't much fun.

Murray Clive Walker getting rained on in Ami Zoubu

Murray Clive Walker and Cuo Cuo in Ami Zoubu

But I did end up marrying the Tibetan girl (Cuo Cuo) in the film so everything worked out pretty well.

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